The Becky Neoprene Tote

The Becky Neoprene Tote

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The Becky large neoprene tote is perfect for those who love the neutrality of camo with a pop of orange. The tote is great for year round use regardlesss of the season.


The Becky is named after my "second mom".  She came into my life as a family friend and employee.  She is my go to, my right hand, my supporter, my everyday so it was only fitting the her neoprene tote is perfect for everyday and anytime.  


The tote has a neoprene pocket on the inside that is perfect for your phone or sunglasses.  The internal neoprene has a smooth and streamline look that is complimented by the rubber Taylor Gray logo on the pocket.



Classic, spacious and flexible describe our large tote. The additional privacy pouch can keep you organized while on the go.


Dimensions: Tote...23 inches wide (side panels expanded) x 12 inches tall x 5.5 inches deep

Privacy pouch...8 inches wide x 6 inches tall x 1 inch deep